Next Gen Automated Document Factory

Building More Effective Communications

SpanDocs brings direct customer contact to life by enriching your customer life-cycle documents.


  • Effortless integration with back office CIS systems
  • Automated daily processing, print, and mail 
  • More intelligent document composition
  • Automated content management


This translates to mailing and customer contact solutions that are more effective, more reliable, and at a lower cost. Read More


When Spandocs first introduced its on-line document mail portal, the cost to mail a letter was just 32 cents . Today, 9 rate increases later, communicating to your customers by mail -from enrollment, through recurring billing, to collecting - 

every customer contact must 

deliver a call to action and

measurable return on the

investment . 


We should recognize however,

that over that same period, our behavior hasn't changed much when it comes to handling mail that is relevant to us. Over 95% of paper invoices are opened and read right away, often in haste, so you have a short window of opportunity to convey the important information.  If you want to get paid on time it is critical that important payment information is displayed prominently.

​When it comes to creating the most critical customer dialogue, the invoice improves retention and builds a relationship that increases the average revenue per customer.  Tangible mail is more effective than email marketing because the reader cannot simply click and delete the item but must first look it over.


Tactical Billing and Document Solutions

Where there's a bill there's a way

 - to talk to your customers that is!


Spandocs' Document Profile System (DPS)delivers relevant content with less management. Our automated preprocess digests and segments billing data files according to criteria flags and predefined business rules. Each document can carry targeted content to bring infinite potential in your ability to engage your customer. The result is - 


  • Faster Payments
  • More Qualified CSR engagement
  • Greater Call to Action
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